"I practiced a fifteen minute walking exercise and immediately reversed a five year old back problem." – Terry Davis

"I was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and anorexia. With a few months of Unlimited Body, I gained more results than I had with seven years of medicine and hospitalization. I regained my energy and my simple childlike spirit and felt free to play once again." – Kristine Todd

"I always kept to myself and would not say what I felt. In this workshop series I have learned that my feelings count and now I am able to talk about my issues one by one. – Angela Wion

"I used to spend all my time worrying about my food allergies. Now I eat anything I want." – Laura Super

"Through Unlimited Body I found a mate and changed my career. I have not only found my power but also my self-acceptance." – Kathy Miller

"It was difficult for me to walk and pain was a constant for me. Through Unlimited Body I lost 50lbs in 4 months, I am much more flexible and no longer have chronic pain." – Suzette Schmidt

"I was having the symptoms of CTS with pain in my lower arms, especially the right arm. With this I was also depressed. I tried to change my sleeping positions according to my D.O. and physical manipulation to change my experience but no change. In the Unlimited Body sessions I experienced feelings and pins and needles in my arms. Now I have stopped worrying about symptoms and my arms feel good. – Ken Hale

"I had surgery for Carpel Tunnel syndrome with continuing pain. I asked for Unlimited Body to relieve my pain in my elbow. I experienced tingling in my arm. My pain is gone and I have more flexibility in my elbow. – Connie Chiles

"I asked my practitioner to work with the sores of my tongue and they disappeared." – Shirley Gaede

"I fell down 20 steep steps and had heard a loud snap. I was in excruciating pain and my ankle doubled in size. After an hour work I could walk without pain." – Antonio

"I was unable to release my trauma responses from my body. I tried all forms of applied healing: Thyroid medicine; Chiropractic; Acupuncture; counseling; self-help materials and workshops; Reiki; migraine medicine and antidepressant. I moved from learning to learning but got no permanent relief, just more or different symptoms. I was becoming more helpless in the world, not more empowered. With Unlimited Body my trauma was literally shaking itself off my body. I got more hope, more vision and more excitement. I got courage to risk a change. The walls of fear rigidly waiting for attack crumbled. I started to feel my body – its life! not its death. I could touch and be touched without expecting harm or feeling it would overwhelm me. I can now reach out for what I want and not hold myself back. I have lost my startle response." – Maureen Sheehan – 2003

"After my Unlimited Body session I was able to bend down and tie my shoe laces. It has been two years since I was able to do that last. Thank you!" – Elaine T.

"After three years of constant headache, during which I went through many tests and lots of medicine, I was relieved after a 15 minute session." – Jennifer

"I had fallen on ice and had my hip thrown out of position. I went to a chiropractor and getting adjustments for 2 years. The adjustments worked for about 2 weeks but hen the pain came back and I started to walk funny again. Then I would go for another adjustment. In my first Unlimited Body session my hip and pelvis readjusted. Since then I have had no more pain and my hip moves fine. – Dakota Seymanski

"I was injured in a car accident and broke my jaw, wrist, elbow and heel. I received the usual treatment and physical therapy for one year, but was still uncomfortable with inhibiting movements. After an Unlimited Body session I connected with the deeper emotional content of the accident. I felt so much better that I choose to participate in the Unlimited Body workshop series and I found out what it means to be "present" and enjoying my natural graceful movements." – Laura Dent

"My life always felt like a burden. Now I am excited and grateful to be alive." – Linda Sanda

"I had an overall sense that I wasn’t living my life to my potential. I was staying busy and over eating. I was feeling empty and couldn’t feel the joy of being alive. I read many self help books, took nutrients and hormone replacement therapy. I talked to therapists and tried acupuncture to get a true change. When I met Unlimited Body I got a better understanding of why I was feeling the way I was and a real shift in my foundation. My reactions seemed to melt away and a style of allowing took their place. Now I feel more present to my life. I find myself taking life less serious and able to laugh more. – Alicia Smith

"After my neck twisted and turned, my neck and shoulder discomfort disappeared." – Jane Grady

"I really liked my great job, and I was able to improve the relationships between school teachers and their students, thanks to my creativity. One day I was told to stop my creativity and focus on keeping things the same. I got depressed, fearing expressing myself and ineffective. My body got tense and my back started to feel uncomfortable, as well as my stomach, throat and chest. I was lucky to stumble on to Unlimited Body at this critical point in my life. The sessions left me totally relaxed. My dread for going to work was replaced with enjoyment again. My limitation on what I was supposed to do loosened up once again and my boss even asked me for input. Unlimited Body helped me relax when things got serious. I learned that how I experience my job is independent of whether I am valued or threatened. How I experience my job is my choice." – Tamsyn Alixandra

"I carried tension in my jaw. I was also fearful of the future. My Unlimited Body practitioner worked on my jaw which changed position and lost its tension. I feel I got more into the present time. – Mark Wells

"My neck was tilting to the left and giving me pain. It was difficult to keep my head straight and almost impossible to tilt it to the right. The Unlimited Body sessions I took got my neck back to center. Now I have no pain and can turn my head as I like. – Andrew Hanshaw

"I was very protective of my body which blocked me from being sexual and intimate. I felt frustration, anger and dislike of dominating situations both in my personal life and in my work place. |I was very defensive around control issues leaving me with the need to have control. Through Unlimited Body I have experienced a sequential unfolding of my memories and emotions surrounding a traumatic incident. My body literally told the story that had gone unspoken for years. I was amazed how I could be so present during these internal experiences while also being aware of my practitioner’s complete presence and support. This gave me the third perspective and release. A powerful, powerful experience with utter relief. This also left me with an 85-100% decrease of pain along with improved range of motion. I now have an increased aliveness and new comfort with my body and my sexuality. I now have a whole new way of living and feel excited to explore what my life has to offer." – Beth Delano

"After falling on the ice, getting a lot of pain I had a hip replacement and lots of restrictions of what I was allowed to do. The Unlimited Body sessions left me accepting my feelings. So far, I have less hip pain and more flexibility. – Lori Bowman

"I had over 1 year had major right leg and hip pain and numbness. I had pain when would walk, sit and even when I was resting. It was difficult to work and live my life. I had x-rays, injections, radiofrequency block, but the pain continued. I took pain medicine, muscle-relaxer and using a TENS unit and was told that this is as good as I would get. During my Unlimited Body session I had emotions and my body moved in strange ways. When I got up from the healing table my numbness in my right foot was gone. I had no pain in my back and I found myself leaving without pain and with my TENS unit in my hand instead of supporting my back." – Connie Patton

"I had a problem with expressing myself. I felt disconnected from my true self and just acting the way I had learned I was supposed to. I sought the help of therapists and psychics. I attended many workshops and read lots of self help books. I learned to meditate. Still I felt that I wasn’t sharing myself. I felt very alone in my secret world. I got more and more frustrated that I didn’t have the courage to show myself. Unlimited Body has finally touched me to feel the life in my body. I was able to get in touch with and release my emotions about past some memories. I found myself more confident and able to express my opinions with my friends and at work. Now I feel more connected with the world, more alive and I feel empowered." – Beth McKinney

"My Unlimited Body sessions have relieved from several physical ailments and revived my "aliveness". Before my Unlimited Body sessions I experienced frequent headaches, neck pain, lower back pain and what I thought was a leg length discrepancy that periodically triggered sciatic pain. Since getting Unlimited Body sessions I no longer have chronic pain in my head, neck, lower back or leg and the leg length discrepancy was actually an unleveled pelvis due to muscle tightness on one side, which was restored to level position through my Unlimited Body sessions. I also have much more movement in these areas. I am also feel my body more and have become aware of how my body communicates to me. Before my Unlimited Body experience I used to wonder "Is this all there is?" but now I experience that there is much more to life and it is mine to live." – Nora Buckley

"I had had many months of pain in my ankles. Each morning when I woke up I had pain in my Achilles tendon. I would also have this pain if I walked barefoot. I don’t know what caused it. I’ve had it massaged and stretched and I have done stretching on my own. In my Unlimited Body session I experienced that my lower leg was lengthening. When I stood up to walk I felt an immediate relief. My two ankles felt the same. Until now the pain has not returned. – Deborah Carr

"I had chronic acute lower back pain for months. After sitting for an hour, I couldn’t walk when I stood up. I went to my GP who sat me down on the bench and told me about the benefits of Ibuprofen, telling me to take 10/day. I proceeded to a massage therapist, which turned out to be very painful and didn’t give me any relief. I decided to try Unlimited Body and was welcomed with a few minutes talking about my lower back symptoms. She then asked me to lie on a healing table and placed her hands very lightly on my lower back where I had the pain. It felt really good and soon my pain just melted away. Now, many months later my back feels like new and the pain has not returned. I am obviously grateful for the Unlimited Body healing technique." – Kathryn Troester

"Dear Arne,
I have been looking for you for many years. At the 1987 10-day LRT in the Bahamas, you helped me and I will never forget it. During one of the processes, I was sitting in the same circle as you and I was in tremendous pain. When I asked for help, you volunteered and asked me to lie down in front of you. You then placed your hands on my abdomen/back and then under my head/neck (or in reverse order). I think I lost consciousness briefly and when I came around, I was pain free! I remember thanking you (profusely), but you said that my body did it. I have been wondering ever since what modality you used to facilitate that healing. It was miraculous.
Please accept my sincere gratitude for changing my life that day in the Bahamas. It opened a whole new world for me." – With love, Arnette

"My experience prior to applying Unlimited Body was 25 years of being diagnosed with several illness, such as Depression, Fibromyalgia, Hypothyroidism, Rosacia, stiffening of joints and extreme fatigue, allergies and learning disabilities. I have tried exercise, diet, medications, giving in to getting older and accepted of my "learning disabilities" and learning how to work around them. I have experienced with Unlimited Body significantly less pain, fatigue, and release of painful joints. I also have been able to stop my thyroid medication and am feeling much better overall. I think an increased awareness of how my body is supposed to function and a change in believes and perspectives regarding what true health is compared to what society/culture/media says it should be and experience my body as it heals itself." Debra Denison