“I suffered from excruciating lower back pain for two years during which I tried both acupuncture and chiropractic treatments which temporarily eased the pain only to have it return. After a few sessions of Unlimited Body, I discovered that the pain came from feelings that I was holding back from expressing. Through this work I was able to access my emotions and my back pain totally disappeared. My whole body now moves more freely than ever before. I was so inspired that I took the Unlimited Body six gifts course, and am now an Unlimited Body practitioner. I feel so grateful to have found this amazing healing modality.” – Sarah Blodgett

“As a 12-year old I was diagnosed with scoliosis. I had a lot of back pain, felt weak, as well as totally depending on others ideas of what was good for me. I got a corset, that I wore for 2 years and received a lot of chiropractic treatments. Unlimited Body helped me quickly release my pain, make my spine feel strong and actually today my spine is straight, but most importantly, I make decisions based on what I want.” – Eleonor Sandstrom –

“I had 7 years of incredible back pain. After 3 surgeries and lots of pain killing medicine I could only barely function even when I wore my girdle. One Unlimited Body session relieved all my pain and I felt so good that I left my girdle behind.” – Dale

“I have counted every asthmatic breath and tempered every step for over 50 years. Allergic to wheat, fish, and eggs as primary triggers and prone to exercise induced shortness of breath I constantly relied on oral and inhaled medicine. At the start of Unlimited Body treatments my peak flows increased substantially and I began to eat wheat. Now, 15 months and half dozen treatments later, I am eating whatever I want with no ill effects. I am breathing freely and I have chosen to cut my drug use by more than half. Measurement of peak flow (lung strength) every day shows values that have not decreased. Unlimited Body has affected me in such a profound way that words cannot describe the extent of these changes nor express my gratitude”. – Stewart Clark

“For sure, for sure the best thing that I did this year was to get myself involved with Unlimited Body. I have really enjoyed learning the ins, outs, and ways of this wonderful tool. I know that Unlimited Body will be something that I can carry with me throughout my life. Sessions are great and I also have utilized the fundamentals on my own. I practice almost every morning upon awakening, by scanning my body for points of blockage and then allowing those feelings to manifest. Some of the time I use Safe Touch and sometimes I merely go toward the feeling inside with focus and relaxation, surrendering to whatever the discomfort. Usually by the time I get up I am much more fluid with my thoughts and my actions, noticing how wonderful I feel. I now enjoy the mornings and am excited to get going. I’m also staying up later and accomplishing a lot more. I truly have regaining an excitement with life and all of it’s unpredictabilities. During the daytime, my mind is much more clear and not busy with re-runing of old dialogue. I am much more in the “now” of life. So, deciding to go with the Six Gifts was the main gift I gave to myself this year. Thanks for your time and for your caring.” – Dick Belair

“I have had an 18 years history of TMJ syndrome. My symptoms included significant jaw pain, teeth grinding and gum recession. I also had a severe cross bite that was corrected as a child with braces and continuing wearing a biting block every night for 18 years. In an Unlimited Body session I had an almost violent release of my jaw, then an incredible despair and then a floating sensation in my jaw, something I had never experienced before. After this my life changed. I had no more pain and I was not grinding my teeth any more.” Sally Denner

“Before I met Unlimited Body I experienced depression, chronic fatigue, problems with my menstrual cycle since being 14 years old. Because of the pain I had all over I look for relief. I tried yoga, nutritional supplements, acupuncture, colonic, Ayurveda and chiropractic, but my condition didn’t improve. I stumbled on Unlimited Body and my practitioner taught me that my body heals itself if I can surrender to my deep feelings, sadness and hopelessness. I felt so safe through the hands-on touch that I had a huge relief and my physical pain went away. I recommend Unlimited Body because it worked for me when nothing else worked.” – Anastasia Papnikolaou

It’s Anne Marie from Boston. I just wanted to write to you and express how fortunate I feel that I “stumbled” upon Unlimited Body. I am in my 3rd month of my monthly cycle and STILL have only mild discomfort. I no longer have that debilitation pain each month. I can not tell you how painful it has been for 20 years and a surgery. I am truly grateful for the work you have developed and have shared with the world. I honor you and your dedication to this. I look forward to the day that I am sharing this work as well. Will be soon. It is remarkable.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are an amazing human being. I have NEVER felt this great in my entire life, not only healing the physical, but the whole enchilada. I have truly changed. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. Wayne Dyer. I will be seeing you again, I am sure. Be well, Anne Marie