"Dear Arne,
I have been looking for you for many years. At the 1987 10-day LRT in the Bahamas, you helped me and I will never forget it. During one of the processes, I was sitting in the same circle as you and I was in tremendous pain. When I asked for help, you volunteered and asked me to lie down in front of you. You then placed your hands on my abdomen/back and then under my head/neck (or in reverse order). I think I lost consciousness briefly and when I came around, I was pain free! I remember thanking you (profusely), but you said that my body did it. I have been wondering ever since what modality you used to facilitate that healing. It was miraculous.
Please accept my sincere gratitude for changing my life that day in the Bahamas. It opened a whole new world for me." – With love, Arnette