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ArneUnlimitedBodysessiononarmHere’s a Radical Thought:

Did you know that your body has its own natural impulse to heal?

Do you remember that your body has already healed itself, by itself, many times?

Have you ever considered that “Healing can be easy”?

So, if that is the case, why do we as a society continue to spend gazillions of dollars on new ways to heal? We’ve tried conventional medical technology and modern medicine, gurus and cleansing brews, primal screams, herbal steams, no meat, moist heat, ritual and prayers, weights and stairs, and when it is all said and done, we feel a little better for a while, but we continue our search for the ultimate healing.

You begin to wonder, is this the way it is supposed to be, that we always have to fight for our well-being or will we ever get to just live and enjoy life?

“Healing is so easy”, declares Swedish born Arne Rantzén, “that it is really difficult!” He is an international teacher and founder of the Unlimited Body healing modality. For a moment he cannot continue, because he is laughing too hard at this cosmic joke.

Rantzén knows a few things about healing. His journey has led him down many paths, from a career in Western medicine (he was a practical nurse for 12 years), to Eastern Mysticism fully engaging in Tibetan Buddhism, mastering the Tibetan language and living as a Tibetan Buddhist monk for 5 years, including the study and teaching of the Complementary Therapies of Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy, Rebirthing, Loving Relationships Training, International Seminar Leadership Program, Body Harmony, as well as the study of Aston-Patterning and Reiki.

As he evolved he created “Unlimited Body” to teach others what he has learned from all of this.

“Unlimited Body is unique in its approach to healing,” says Rantzén. Unlimited Body is based on the belief that healing happens faster and becomes permanent when we refrain from trying to create healing, and instead leave the cells to their own inherent healing impulse. Normally we think we need to be doing something, such as diagnosing, testing, coming up with a treatment plan, sending energy or using external support. Even though this is very subtle it is still trying to manipulate a change.

The body has already a proven record that it knows how to heal itself. Making it do something distracts its attention away from the healing in progress to become busy with “a new healing concept”. Unlimited Body practitioner’s apply the Safe Touch, their knowledge of Body Language, and other Unlimited Body skills, and witness the powerful and fast results of natural healing.

Terry Davis, holistic practitioner and veteran of more than a dozen workshops with Rantzén says, “This is a simple, powerful and elegant healing modality. It is common-sense and on the cutting-edge. It is the first healing method that I have found that is so effective, easily applied while still very practical.“

Body Language
Rantzen believes that the body has its own language. Knowing this language, we can truly assist in the body’s inherent tendency toward healing. Most of us go through life oblivious to the health of information our physical self holds for us. We may see our bodies as just an annoyance, or something to fix”. If we really look, we might notice our jaw to be skewed, one shoulder to be higher than the other, one foot pointing a different direction than the other or our chest to be tight. We argue that it’s always been like this, and we are convinced that it will always remain this way or get worse. Right? This type of thinking relates to why we perceive that change can’t happen by itself, even though we witness spontaneous changes daily.

If we pay attention we will notice that our bodies are screaming out information. “The body is so literal in its communication that it is really simple to understand,“ says Rantzén. “If you have cold feet, you are probably afraid. If you have urinary problems, you might be pissed off. If you have back problems, you are holding back. Skin problems indicate that you are irritated. Neck problems show that something is a pain in the neck. Shoulder problems come from shouldering too much. Feet problems indicate an inability to understand, etc. As you address these dis-eases, you are not only healing your body, but your whole life. So, if you release a back problem, you will move forward and become more successful. If you heal a joint problem you’ll be less rigid and more flexible again. Releasing a belly problem gives you back your guts. People ask if I’m psychic, because I can read people so easily. No, I have learned Body Language, which can be learned by anyone. This is what we learn during the Body Language workshop.”

How Unlimited Body Came About
Rantzen says, “I have always been drawn toward exploring what life is all about and what real healing is.” With that as a driving force he has searched out some extraordinary learning environments. His Tibetan Buddhist explorations gave him a sense of the depth involved in permanent healing. Another big influence was Dr. Don McFarland, the chiropractor that created Body Harmony from more than 60 healing and bodywork disciplines.

Rantzen had his first experience of how the physical body has its preferred path to health at a large alternative healing school in his native Sweden. “When I started to study the power of the different healing techniques,” he says, “I was sold! I immediately experienced profound physical changes and the disappearance of a chronic back pain.” He also was astonished to find himself accessing emotions in a way he never had. “It took me about three years of nonstop crying…. It was as if I had a faucet in my face!” He also realized that lifelong fears of public speaking and heights had disappeared quickly and without any effort whatsoever. “The key was that my body was 1OO percent accepted and okay, and that made me feel so safe, that I just opened up.”

Thrilled with his healing, Rantzen devoted himself to learning more, taking numerous workshops, working with clients and finally in 1987 beginning to teach bodywork, “As I did the work over the years, I also learned a lot from my students and clients. I recognized many components from my healing workshops and sessions which crystallized into an easy and profound healing system. This led me to set up the unique curriculum called Unlimited Body.”

With Unlimited Body Rantzen wants everyone to know how powerful their bodies really are. With this in mind he created ‘The Power of Your Unlimited Body’, a weekend workshop for personal development and healing, where people get a first hand healing experience.

People who want to fully experience Unlimited Body participate in ‘Your Six Gifts to Successful Healing’ workshop series, where each Healing Gift is explored in detail.

Thousands of people nationally and internationally have been trained in Unlimited Body. They are advised, beginning in the First Healing Gift – the Safe Touch – “The less you do, the more you get done.” This paradox causes more than a little mental gymnastics for students. It challenges truths that they have accepted without question for their entire lives.

The Safe Touch is a hands-on technique that inspires the natural inclination of the tissue to move as it wants, which leads to trust. This in turn leads to surrender and Natural Healing.

The other workshops of ‘Your Six Gifts to Successful Healing’ are Natural Yoga’, ‘Body Language’, ‘Healing Pulsations’, ‘‘Releasing Joints and Erasing Scars’ and culminating in ‘Integrating the Four Bodies’.

Those who want to utilize this work as professionals can receive certification after the Unlimited Body Practitioner Training.

Rantzen says, “I think some of the reasons Unlimited Body is becoming popular is that this work is fun, practical and profound. People see their lives change easily, and, in a short time they can effectively assist others.”

Available from Unlimited Body is an in-depth workbook that details the philosophy and hands-on techniques.

The Power Of Non-Doing
There is an undeniable alchemy that occurs when someone else is present when we feel and express ourselves.

Rantzen offers this example a lot of people might relate to. “You’re traumatized. You’re getting a divorce. You call a friend and begin pouring out your heart. But then, your friend says, ‘Hey, I understand how you feel. Here is how you can deal with it…’ With that, the healing in progress is stopped. If your friend would just have listened and NOT responded, the healing could have continued. If you could have just expressed yourself, without interruption, saying ‘I am feeling THIS’ you would have felt better and have had the actual release of the trauma. The healing happens in the disclosure itself.”

It’s literally the same with Safe Touch. To have tissue heal, we need to inspire the tissue and step out of the way as the tissue tells its stories.

The Issue Is In The Tissue
Rantzen compares the tissue to an ‘elastic band’. If it is stretched it naturally pulls back to a natural state. This ‘relaxed state’ represents the healthy freedom the tissue is trying to arrive back at.

Usually we attempt to stretch the elastic band out to fit some norm, which becomes a diversion from healing the memory the person is trying to avoid on some level, which always causes a rebound towards the relaxed state. Tremendous change can occur when the body senses it is in a safe, non-judgmental environment that allow for your full experience.

Unlimited Body allows the elastic band to pull itself back to its relaxed state. That is what it really wants to do. In Unlimited Body people often spontaneously assume postures that their bodies “remember’ from the moment of an accident or trauma. Once the tissue, as taught in the Natural Yoga workshop, is allowed to contract all the way in, the memory is released. Sometimes, when the tissue can move the way it wants, the person becomes aware of memories, pictures emotions, and sometimes not. The important thing is, the symptoms are gone. Once the body is free to move again, the posture changes, which also changes people’s lives. They start to do things they want to do instead of procrastinating and saying no to the things they don’t want to do. People’s courage comes back.

Terry Davis, who is thankful that he choose to go to Your ‘Six Gifts to Successful Healing” despite his resistance to the first workshop, which showed up as a sudden onslaught of flu-like symptoms, looks at it this way. “Whenever you’re going to do any kind of healing work and you start to experience symptomology or resistance – to me all it really is, is away to find out if you are really serious about healing, or are you going to use this situation as an excuse to put it off again?”

Rantzen says, “Every time we are about to learn something new and actually have a change, habit wants to stop this evolution and stay with what is familiar, even if this is a mediocre life experience, instead of living a healthy life.

We have learned that sensations of tingling, bodily temperature changes, etc. are something we need to get rid of instead of realizing that these are signs and sensations of more aliveness and health. In the healing process we often uncover deep miss-understandings.

When the truth is evident there are often outbursts of hilarity and tears. The healing sessions  provide the inspiring environment to really get Unlimited Body and have real change.

The Healing Sessions
During a Safe Touch exchange session, half the students lay face up, shoes off, on massage tables, the others follow instructions to an exercise. The directions, for example, might be to gently put your hands on your partner’s body where you have seen a lack of movement and then follow the tissue’s natural movement (which is explained in the workshop). The Safe Touch is often light to the point of being imperceptible.

For anyone who’s uttered the words, ‘No pain, no gain’, it appears to fly in the face of reason that something so simple could really do much of anything, much less change lives. But this is where they see the magic happen. Soon one student exclaims, “My arm feels tingly! It feels like it wants to move!” Many times the body IS moving, spontaneously twitching or ‘retracing’ in a dance with no conscious effort or assistance. One student may cry while another unleashes a torrent of anger. A young man laughs delightedly. “Oh,” one student marvels, her mind’s eye filled with a scene from her childhood. “I had forgotten all about that!” Underneath it all runs a murmur of gentle encouragements. The common experience is a permission to feel what they feel, a confirmation of what Rantzén refers to as their ‘aliveness’.

Cheryl Crawford, an Omaha nurse and massage therapist who recently completed Your Six Gifts to Successful Healing workshop series, takes a deep breath when asked how this work has affected her. “It reaffirmed my belief that unconditional love has to start with loving yourself unconditionally. I feel like when I did that, I could start to love others unconditionally and stop being controlling or feel responsible for every-one.” Over the six months of sessions with teachers and fellow students, Crawford was able to release a constricting pain in her chest, Now she often adds some Safe Touch in her massages, which usually causes the comment, “I don’t know what you did, but I feel better.” “It’s not only a way of getting rid of today’s pain,” she says. “It’s a way of life. There’s no forcing a change. Instead, Unlimited Body brings forth a core of knowledge that you always had.”

How Do We Heal Perfection?
Rantzen’s philosophy is that we are already perfect. “But”, he confines, “Almost no one believes that! Healing is complicated, because it can’t be done.”

Our problems starts with something we don’t like or want, causing a stress. This is a mental process pointing at the mind as the original cause. This is where we get into trouble. We then try to use the mind to correct the dis-ease through an infinite amount of techniques. These techniques, although often scientifically proven, miss the point. Since the mind is the cause of dis-ease, it doesn’t work to use its techniques to get permanent healing. Techniques can give us at most temporary healing. Also, as what usually happens with science, someone else soon comes along with contradictory research. This is our evolution. As common people we get confused of what to believe. Unfortunately we usually buy the worst and most expensive scenario and freeze that to be our reality instead of a getting a second opinion or reading ‘the other research’. Real healing happens when we go back to our original health.

Do you need to believe in this for Unlimited Body to work? No! We can work with all kinds of people. If you only want to approach your healing from a physical approach we will work with you in that way. If you want to work with your emotions, we address you that way. If you want to work through past lives, we do that. We are working with the client’s experience, which is the client’s reality in that moment. Your present experience is your door to your health. If you believe that you can’t get healed, we address that belief system first. You will be supported to explore if there is another way that you can look at your situation. If you want permanent health, you need to understand yourself and how all the different parts of you work together and depend on each other. Your thoughts and beliefs, your emotions, your physical body and your spirit all are important ingredients of your well-being.

He tells about a young female client, Dale from Pennsylvania, who had been plagued with severe back pain for eight years. She had corrective surgery and wore a brace, which was her only source of relief. During her first treatment, not only was she able to relax for the first time in years, but she was surprised to realize that she was angry at her mother. Her mother is a wonderful person, explains Rantzen, “but what the daughter experienced was that her mother always liked to talk about sickness. Every time she talked to her mother on the phone and the conversation turned to sickness, she would get mad, but she would never say this to her mother.” The client actually felt the pain leave her body when she imagined speaking her truth to her mother, and then return when she expressed her belief that she couldn’t. “When she left, she refused to take her brace with her.” Rantzen cannot help but laugh delightedly.

Everything Can Be Healed
When Unlimited Body practitioners say Unlimited Body, they mean UNLIMITED. It is not outside the realm of possibility to an Unlimited Body practitioner that absolutely any dysfunction can be healed. Scars can disappear. Pain can stop. Tissue can be rejuvenated and regenerate. There are no limits.

Brian Wellenstein of Omaha, who recently completed his second series of Your Six Gifts to Successful Healing, recalls, “I had a gentleman come in with ‘frozen shoulder syndrome’. It had just come out of nowhere. He had tried traditional medical approaches and they wanted to do surgery on him. I started working with Unlimited Body, one hand under the shoulder and the other on top. From that we got a ‘retracing’ of his arm which seemed to have lots of benefits, because he said there was a lot of tingling in his arm and it felt like his shoulder joint was floating in the joint capsule. He also felt a lot of pulsating in the joint. He was kind of freaked out by it, but it felt different by the time he left. He had less pain. He returned two more times and by the third session his pain was totally gone. He said he could feel that his shoulders were more aligned and that they were moving a lot more.“

Brian’s sister, Kristi, decided to attend Your Six Gifts to Successful Healing, after feeling very grateful about her first personal treatment with Rantzen. “I was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and anorexia that restricted my life,” she says. “With a few months of Unlimited Body, I gained more profound results than I had with seven years of medications and hospitalizations. I regained my energy and my simple childlike spirit and felt freed to play once again.” When she arrived for her first Unlimited Body workshop, Kristi was wearing a baseball cap pulled over her face and large baggy clothes in an attempt to hide herself. Six months later, as healing continues, she is vivacious and fun-loving. Unlimited Body, she says, “has not changed me, but put me back in touch with the knowledge and wisdom of the divine that has always been within me. This has been an invaluable gift for my mind, body and spirit.”

“I think that right now many people are ready for the attitude of perfection,” says Rantzen. He mentions the work of Deepak Chopra, A Course in Miracles, Celestine Prophecy, and Conversations with God as a few examples of the many manifestations of this ‘no limits’ reality. “They are expressing the same philosophy that we are with Unlimited Body. We are also applying these principles at a hands-on cellular level,” he says.

“The obsession with food, diets, exercise, supplements so common in our culture may be necessary as a stepping stone for some people,” he says. “but ultimately we will learn that this is not the way to permanent healing. At its worst it becomes a never ending rat race.” Rantzen observes, “I listen to my body. The food and drink I am drawn to is my body’s way of telling me what it needs.”

The purpose of our bodies is to enjoy and express our perfection, and to have a security system, reminding us when we make judgments, so that we can always get back to our perfect health.

Unlimited Body believes that this work is coming now. Because people are starting to realize that life can be lived passionately now!

Healing In Paradise
Rantzén recalls a miraculous healing that took place in Paradise. He was teaching at a conference at a resort in Greece that several hundred people from all around the world were attending. “One evening close to midnight, I walked into the room where many of the participants usually were experiencing paradise. This night it was different. About 200 people were running around trying to find help and relief for one of the participants that was lying on a sofa, with one of his legs elevated, and the ankle embedded in ice. He had fallen down a steep and long flight of stairs. I was told that he had heard a snap and was convinced that he had broken his ankle. He was in excruciating pain. I was asked if I could do something for him, while they were trying to contact a hospital. I felt quite confident in Unlimited Body and thought that something could be done. The first thing I did was to get rid of most of the people and all of the ice. The ankle was seriously swollen. I put my hands around his ankle to do Safe Touch. To my and everyone else’s delight the swelling and pain quickly dispersed. I continued working with him for about an hour. By this time he walked without any pain. The next morning when he walked into the conference room he got a standing ovation from the 200 people who had been with him. They were certain that he had broken his ankle and that he wouldn’t attend the conference anymore.” Rantzén says, “I have seen so many wonderful examples, like this that I can’t keep track of them. It’s so rewarding to witness healing. These clients remind me of how grateful I am to be working on this profound level of healing.”

Karen Carroll, a holistic practitioner, had a background in education and therapies such as Reiki, Biofeedback, Craniosacral therapy, and stress management when she discovered “the missing piece” in Unlimited Body. “I’d say this has been the most transformative thing I’ve been through in my life. It just brought everything together for me,” she says. “It was like coming home for me.” For those interested in trying the work as a client or practitioner, she sincerely says, “First you have to be able to believe in miracles, and then you have to be ready to accept them.” When she tells you one of her stories, you see why.

She was called in to work on a two year old girl, with spinal meningitis, who was in an intensive care unit. “I had never seen anything like this, and at first. I started to get really emotional. Her kidneys had shut down and she was all swollen. She was uncon­scious, heavily medicated and on life support, attached to all those monitors.” In Unlimited Body Language, the girl’s Spirit Body had separated from her Physical Body. “Physically her body felt dead when I touched it.” Starting with the girl’s right foot, which was the site of an infection from an intravenous tube, Karen says she quickly felt the Spirit Body come back. “I supported her right leg, like we were taught to do, and her body started to respond with little movements even though she was unconscious. Her parents were present and they were watching her heart monitor, which began to show a lower pulse rate. They were really glad because the pulse had been elevated for quite a while.” The girl’s father contacted Karen several weeks later and she learned that the girl had started improving quickly after the treatment. “She’s home now and she’s fine.” There was no damage of the kidneys or brain as they were afraid of.

Karen probably speaks for most Unlimited Body practitioners when she says, “I’m just in awe. This has transformed my understanding of what it is to be a human being. Every time I touch somebody with my words, with my eyes and physically, it’s like dancing with the Universe. That’s Unlimited Body.”