“For sure, for sure the best thing that I did this year was to get myself involved with Unlimited Body. I have really enjoyed learning the ins, outs, and ways of this wonderful tool. I know that Unlimited Body will be something that I can carry with me throughout my life. Sessions are great and I also have utilized the fundamentals on my own. I practice almost every morning upon awakening, by scanning my body for points of blockage and then allowing those feelings to manifest. Some of the time I use Safe Touch and sometimes I merely go toward the feeling inside with focus and relaxation, surrendering to whatever the discomfort. Usually by the time I get up I am much more fluid with my thoughts and my actions, noticing how wonderful I feel. I now enjoy the mornings and am excited to get going. I’m also staying up later and accomplishing a lot more. I truly have regaining an excitement with life and all of it’s unpredictabilities. During the daytime, my mind is much more clear and not busy with re-runing of old dialogue. I am much more in the “now” of life. So, deciding to go with the Six Gifts was the main gift I gave to myself this year. Thanks for your time and for your caring.” – Dick Belair