One of the most powerful gifts
you can give yourself

is a set of the “Ten Successful Healing” sessions with a skilled Unlimited Body™ Practitioner.

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This is truly a chance to transform your life, awaken to more consciousness and nurture yourself in a safe, gentle and supportive healing of your body. With the skills of a trained practitioner using a powerful healing technique, you can you release many issues, from physical health, to success and financial well being, to improved personal relationships.

Unlimited Body uses a gentle and powerful healing technique that is based on the body’s natural ability and inclination to heal itself. An Unlimited Body session functions as a deeply relaxing therapy for the physical body, as most of our problems come from stress and are released through opening the body to be free to move again.

Through letting go of holding the tissue tight, you can change old and new pain and restricted movements at a deep, cellular level and open up to the life that you want. This method is excellent for those ready to change their lives and those who find themselves in the midst of change and want to embrace and enjoy it.

Unlimited Body sessions:

  • Begin with a consultation with your Unlimited Body Practitioner, where your practitioner will explore with you what you want to accomplish and how your ‘Body Language’ is reflecting that and then educate and support you in accomplishing your desired results.
  • Then you are ready for the hands-on section of the session that lasts around an hour. During this time you will lie down fully clothed, except for your shoes, on a healing table. Your practitioner will take your body through the healing session with ‘ Safe Touch’ and ‘Natural Yoga’.
  • After completing the hands-on section you will investigate how your Body Language has changed and how differently you feel.
  • Before you go your practitioner will give you some supportive homework to practice for your next session.

Why is a commitment for 10 Unlimited Body Sessions important?

‘Ten Successful Healing’ sessions have a cumulative effect through feeling more safe with both the bodywork and familiarity with the practitioner. Since there are many ways that the body lives in gravity and has learned to compensate for stress and tightness there are many areas that need to re-align for the body to be flexible and function smoothly.

In addition, the practitioner gets to know and understand you better so they can address mis-alignments that get in your way. These are often not readily apparent in the beginning, and as you release one area, another area is revealed that holds a deeper tension. When you release all stress relating to one issue, it will not return and you will be free from this from then on.

  • Studies have shown that real, permanent change is accomplished through a process of repetition and reinforcement. Even if limitations and misunderstandings are released or corrected in a single session there is often habitual behavior accumulated over the years that must be identified and changed. Without addressing these habits and integrating the new learning, you can find yourself recreating old problems.
  • In Unlimited Body you are learning a process and are becoming more aware of yourself. In this teaching and discovery you are learning how to better treat your body and yourself and so more easily create the results you want in your life. Part of this involves a period of practice. As you implement new behaviors, you will receive feedback from your practitioner. Understanding this feedback and adjusting for it is an integral part of the Unlimited Body experience.
  • Ten sessions is also the recommended stopping place with your first practitioner. Unlimited Body is committed to supporting you in your own empowerment. It is not in your best interest to develop a dependency on your practitioner. For this reason it is recommended that you change practitioners after ten sessions. This does not mean that you cannot ever go back to your original practitioner for future support but rather that it is better for you to establish yourself more as your own source.

After having completed your ten sessions with your practitioner, you know the power of Unlimited Body. You will probably still want to take individual sessions from time to time to help you uncover and release other blocks that appears in your way. It is often difficult to be objective with ourselves and very hard to see our blind spots without outside support.

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