"I was unable to release my trauma responses from my body. I tried all forms of applied healing: Thyroid medicine; Chiropractic; Acupuncture; counseling; self-help materials and workshops; Reiki; migraine medicine and antidepressant. I moved from learning to learning but got no permanent relief, just more or different symptoms. I was becoming more helpless in the world, not more empowered. With Unlimited Body my trauma was literally shaking itself off my body. I got more hope, more vision and more excitement. I got courage to risk a change. The walls of fear rigidly waiting for attack crumbled. I started to feel my body – its life! not its death. I could touch and be touched without expecting harm or feeling it would overwhelm me. I can now reach out for what I want and not hold myself back. I have lost my startle response." – Maureen Sheehan – 2003