"I was very protective of my body which blocked me from being sexual and intimate. I felt frustration, anger and dislike of dominating situations both in my personal life and in my work place. |I was very defensive around control issues leaving me with the need to have control. Through Unlimited Body I have experienced a sequential unfolding of my memories and emotions surrounding a traumatic incident. My body literally told the story that had gone unspoken for years. I was amazed how I could be so present during these internal experiences while also being aware of my practitioner’s complete presence and support. This gave me the third perspective and release. A powerful, powerful experience with utter relief. This also left me with an 85-100% decrease of pain along with improved range of motion. I now have an increased aliveness and new comfort with my body and my sexuality. I now have a whole new way of living and feel excited to explore what my life has to offer." – Beth Delano